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Web design services in London & Berkshire

There’s a lot of myths and legends when it comes to the area of web design london. This is probably because it is such a vast area of expertise, not to mention the variety of website systems to start with. This can be a little misleading at first, but we will try to shine a bit of light on the subject to help you along!

Different types of websites

First of all, there’s a few basic categories the website fall into. They differ by the amount of work required to create the website, as well as the cost associated with that.

The basic is a standard HTML website – nothing fancy, just the structure code and styling, sometimes with a bit of JavaScript goodness. This is the most cost effective option you can go for, as it is the most simplified form that requires less work than it’s dynamic brothers and sisters.

The next step up is the CMS, or Content Managed, website. This, unlike the standard HTML website, includes the CMS system that lets you manage the website yourself without the knowledge of programming or coding, using a graphical interface much like a Microsoft Word or similar text processor. Having a CMS engine at your command, you can create new pages, amend existing content, add some pictures and much more. When it comes to the pricing, CMS websites are at least twice as costly as the HTML ones, or even more expensive if it involves creating a bespoke CMS system, rather than using the open source solutions like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

The third option is the eCommerce website. This is basically an online shop application, which can be either a dedicated online store, or a CMS website with integrated eCommerce, for those who only have a couple of products to sell. Each eCommerce website will always include a CMS system of a sort, ranging from free open source solutions like Magento or WooCommerce plugin for WordPress, to fully bespoke systems developed solely for your needs.


So that’s your basic options, to which all the websites will fall down to. It’s good to know the difference it makes to the pricing – any bespoke system will set you back a significant amount of money, but will be of course tailored to your needs. Open source solutions are few times cheaper, and cheapest of all will be the simpliest HTML website of course. Always look for proper web design berkshire suppliers, stay clear from students and graduates that have no clue what they are doing, yet they will still charge you the same if not more than the professional would.

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