Bifold and Sliding doors from Schuco in UK

Imagine sliding open a door on a warm sunny morning and finding summer filling your house. Or perhaps you’re having a party and want to allow a roomful of guests to spill out into the garden in the cool of the evening?

Realise your dream by choosing either a schuco sliding doors or folding aluminium door from our comprehensive range.

Every door, whether slide, lift-and slide, tilt-and-slide or folding has been designed to look good and perform superbly year after year, a quiet statement of style and quality that can’t help but impress.

Schuco bifold doors are a window onto the world. It opens and closes effortlessly, disclosing great views onto the garden or patio. It allows you to enjoy all the fresh air you want while simultaneously ensuring that you’re warm and comfortable when the weather turns cold.

Bi Fold Doors offer customers real choice. In addition to a range of different opening door types – with the ability to accommodate almost any size of opening – customers can choose from a huge selection of finishes and colours and handles. All doors installed into outside walls have exceptional levels of thermal insulation and weathertightness, making them proof against the worst winter weather.

Non-insulated versions make stylish room-dividers. Slim face-widths allow for the maximum area of clear glass, enabling light to flood into a room. Every door has been designed to run easily, usually requiring no more than fingertip pressure to open or close it. There is even a motorised option for sliding doors. Finally, we’ve addressed security concerns by fitting multi-point locking to ensure a level of burglar resistance up to EN V 1627 Class 2.

Fire rated doors are also available for those in need of extra protection from fire, or for office and industrial use.

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