How to choose your sectional garage doors?

With such a wide range of garage doors Surrey available it is important not only to have a choice of great doors from many manufacturers but also an experienced company that can advise you on the best door for your home or business. Whether it is of manual operation or automated we will have a solution suitable for you and with our free on site survey you are under no obligation.

Sectional garage doors Hempshire are so called due to the way they operate and are constructed. Panels are used to allow for use in restricted space where arches or columns may exclude the use of a traditional up and over. They do not have any outward movement but instead slide up/down and are stored overhead when is use.

Although they are designed for use where a traditional up and over door wouldn’t work sectional doors do occupy the same amount of garage space overhead.

As sectional garage doors Camberley do not move outward this also enhances the usuable parking space available on a driveway allowing for the vehicle to be parked directly in front of the garage whilst still allowing for the garage door to be opened. Furthermore, due to the nature of construction, a sectional door can be more robust and more economical to maintain as each panel is seperately connected to the track which not only (in comparison to a standard up and over door) reduces the doors stresses but also makes it easier to replace a damaged panel.

We hope this information was helpful and able to shine a bit of light on this hard choice. If you have any questions about garage doors, or would simply like to talk to our specialists, please contact us directly!

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