SEO tutorial for absolute beginners

A lot of people out there wonder how to achieve high rankings in Google without paying thousands of pounds for SEO London or other forms of advertising. Truth is, there isn’t always a way to do that without either significant search engine optimisation and programming knowledge, or spending money on companies and people who know their stuff and will perforn SEO for you.

There is, however, as handful of simple tricks and optimisations you can do yourself, and with less competitive keywords it might even be enough to get you into the desired first page of Google! Let’s have a look at some simple techniques you can do at home:

Optimise title tags

Probably the most important when it comes to SEO Berkshire – the title tag. Make sure you put your keywords there so Google could pick them up and associate them with your website. One to two of your main keywords on your home page’s title will do the trick, and you can also drop in the company name at the end if you wish. That shouldn’t diminish the keywords, though some believe the keywords are not as strong as they would be in such case.

Meta descriptions and SEO

First of all, let’s bust a few myths about SEO and meta data. Google does not include meta data, such as meta keywords, meta description etc. when it comes to SEO and rankings, so don’t even think about spiking them with 50 keywords related to your business!

That said, your should write a very informative and short meta description for your website. Make it up to 160 characters long for best impact, and tell your potential customers what it is you do, where you do it, what areas you cover and just why they should choose you. After taking all that into consideration, make it look so that people seeing your 160 characters in SERPs (Google search results) will know straight away it is your website they want to visit.

Include your keywords in the meta description, yes, but only where you are listing your services and they are the same as keywords. Ensure your potential visitors, after seeing your title in Google results and not being sure if that’s what they are looking for, will look at your meta description just to be assured that’s exactly that!

Internal linking on your website

This is quite important, though not crucial, as some might believe. Basically, the better structured your website, the more Google will like it! Make sure your navigation is user friendly, and also you could put a secondary menu in the footer, preferably listing only your services and linking to the relevant pages.

Last of all, always remember to set the link’s title with relevant keyword in it, if applicable. That makes a world of difference!

Alt tags for your pictures

Last but not least, always set up an alt tag for your pictures, and put a relevant keyword there where possible. Don’t go overboard, make it as readable for the human eye as possible and NEVER use more than one keyword. You should also add some extra word there every now and then, just to ensure it does not look like a spam SEO type.

So that’s the basics folks! With little to none HTML or SEO knowledge, you can boost your Google rankings and it won’t even cost you a single penny!

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