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A few things you need to know about concrete cutting & drilling

Concrete cutters Brighton companies you might come across will offer a vast range of diamond cutting services, covering a range of possible uses. From general wall and floor sawing, new door and window openings, to structural alterations and complete removals of slats and wall sections, their offer will most likely cover your requirements and beyond!

Technical facts

  • sawing to a depth of 750mm (30″) faster than any other known method
  • premium blades for all materials ranging from 225mm to 2000mm in diameter

Why would I need to hire concrete cutting company?
Good question. While most applications of this service relate to general construction and building work, you might find yourself in need of hiring concrete cutters Kent or diamond drillers even for the domestic needs.

Imagine you wanted to replace your old, small window in the bedroom with a massive pair of bi-folding doors for example. That would take you ages to prepare the opening big enough to fit the new doors, and you don’t want to be left with a hole in the wall for days or weeks, now do you? The solution to this problem is quite simple – give your local concrete cutting company a call and they will sort this out for you in a matter of few hours tops!

The other way to tackle such a problem is hiring a diamond drilling company. While the method might be similar to diamond cutting, there are a few differences. Mainly, diamond drilling is mostly used where a new opening is required, The overlapping holes are drilled around the new required shape to create a new opening.