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Made to measure curtains and blinds? Yes, please!

Tailored curtains and blinds might not be for everyone, as they cost more and require some degree of planning in terms of interior design, but in most cases they will prove to be superior and better suited for your needs.

You might find yourself after redecorating a room, , a whole house, or maybe in a brand new house. All your walls and ceilings are plain white, there’s absolutely no character to your interiors whatsoever and you have no idea how and where to start. In such cases, hiring an interior designer might be a good idea. Not only will they help you visualise the new look for your rooms, but also will help you choose every element and aspect of the design and will even have tons of samples and swatches to help you decide. The professional advise they provide is invaluable, and they will work with you and take your tiniest idea or preference and put together a whole new look based on that.

You will not have to worry about choosing or sourcing curtains and blinds, making sure they fit, the size is right and so on. Most interior designers will either provide in house tailored service, or be in touch with a company that will prepare handmade curtains or blinds for you, making sure the colours and patterns suit the interior perfectly, and the size is exactly right.

For those of you who cannot afford an interior designer, there’s a lot of local companies providing custom made curtains and blinds, made to your specifications and perfectly measured. Most of they will send a professional team to your house first to take the measures of either blinds or the curtains you require free of charge. Once they do that, all you have to do is choosing the right design or pattern and you’re good to go. Once your product is ready, they will fit it for you to ensure everything is spotless.

If you prefer to save a few pounds though, there are also services providing tailored curtains and blinds where you need to take the measurements and do the fitting yourself, but the price tends to be up to 30% less, so it’s worth considering if you’re on the budget.