How much does tree surgery cost?

Like with any other service, you might be in need of tree surgery at your property, but have no idea how much that might cost you. If that’s the case, just read on, and we will try to shine a bit of light on the subject to help you along!

Generally, the cost of various tree surgery services is never a fixed amount, mainly because every tree is different, and every job for that matter. There are many factors that affect the price of the service, such as the size of the tree, type, location or even how close it is situated to buildings or roads!

It always helps to get more than one quote from the contractors, which will give you a clear idea of the pricing to start with, but also rule out the ones that would overcharge you. Simply remove the ones with price quotes significantly higher than the rest from your list, and continue to the next step.

When obtaining a quote, you should ideally be informed about a few factors linked to the job, such as a description of the job that will be undertaken, total cost including VAT, and also whether the contractor will clean up all the waste produced in the process or not. A professional tree surgeon richmond will provide all the above information in a written form, so you could be sure exactly what you’re getting and how much it will cost you, without any surprises that might take place with verbal agreements.

It is crucial to hire a tree surgeon berkshire when needed, and not postpone it for any reason, as this might result damage to the surroundings. Also, make sure you check who you’re dealing with by researching whether the contractors are qualified, and ideally reading through the opinions of the previous clients. After all, a non qualified tree surgeon kingston can do a lot of damage in the process, so be extra careful!

Last, but not least, to answer the main question, how much will it all cost you? Generally, the standard approximate pricing for tree felling will be around £250, and the crown reduction will run you about £150 per tree. That of course will depend on the complexity of the job and on the contractor, but in general that’s the price you will have to pay, more or less.

If you are still left with some questions unanswered, why not contact one of our professional advisers directly?

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