How to get a new website that’s well advertised?

So you splashed out on the website, had it designed professionally and up to modern standards, but no one visits it? Or just thinking of getting one but would like to be found on the vast internet? We know what’s going through your head, we’ve been there! Luckily, it’s not the end of the world, just read on!

Driving traffic to your new website
There is an old saying ‘having a website with no SEO or advertising is like having a shop with the doors closed’. As much as I dislike this saying, and everyone around repeating it over and over again, there is some truth to that. When you hire a web designer or a web design studio to create a website for you, they will do just that. But there’s still a matter of people finding it on the internet, and that’s a completely different story!

Luckily, there’s some digital agencies like New Connections that offer web design london complete with SEO optimisation, link building campaign and PPC advertising as a part of the package, so people will be able to find your website right away! All that without breaking the bank, which is really great. Sure, you can first get your website designed, and then get a designated SEO Berkshire company to optimise it and get it to rank well in Google and other search engines, but you will be paying a lot of money for that, as the SEO London companies tend to be quite expensive. With New Connections, you don’t have to wait for the SEO campaign to take effect, which is normally at least 3 months, because they start a PPC campaign for you along with the launch of the website, driving potential customers to your new website from day 1. In the meantime, SEO and link building is being done for you, assuring your website credibility across the internet, and building a larger audience.

Not many digital agencies offer that, which is really a shame, as so many people not knowing how things work still get a website and think this will be enough for them to be found online.

So do yourself a favour, when going for web design berkshire, choose a compeny that will make sure your website is easily found over the internet. It will save you countless headaches further down the road!

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